Behavior and Social Issues

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  • » Neural Network and Multivariate Analyses: Pattern Recognition in Academic and Social...
    Ninness, Chris; Rumph, Marilyn; Clary, Logan; Lawson, David; Lacy, John-Thomas; Halle, Sarah; McAdams, Ranleigh; Parker, Sonya; Forney, Diane
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  • » Effects of Exposure to Macrocontingencies in Isolation and Social Situations in the...
    Borba, Aécio; Silva, Bruno Rodrigues da; Cabral, Pedro Augusto dos Anjos; Souza, Lívia Bentes de; Leite, Felipe Lustosa; Tourinho, Emmanuel Zagury
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  • » Human Simulations in Behavior Analysis (1987-2010): Facilitating Research in Complex...
    Ward, Todd A.; Houmanfar, Ramona
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  • » Changes To Journal Publication Schedule
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  • » Ethnogenesis of a Brazilian Indigenous Community: A Behavior Analytic Interpretation
    Baia, Fabio Henrique; Neves, Sônia Maria Mello; Almeida Filho, Júlio Cézar dos Reis; Melo Junior, Ivaldo Ferreira de; Gonçalves Souza, Anna Carolina; Lemes, Isabella Guimarães
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  • » Sustainability in the Field: Lake Tahoe Hospitality and Environmental Protection
    Leeming, Emily Michelle; Hansen, David; Alavosius, Mark; Reimer, Daniel
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  • » Walden Two: A 1950 Review
    Dinsmoor, James A.
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  • » Exploring the Role of Verbal Behavior in a New Experimental Task for the Study of...
    Sampaio, Angelo A. S.; Araújo, Lorena A. S.; Gonçalo, Mariana E.; Ferraz, Júlia C.; Alves Filho, Anisiano P.; Brito, Ivanessa S.; Barros, Naiady M.; Calado, Jacqueline I. F.
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  • » Emergence & Metacontingency: Points of Contact and Departure
    Houmanfar, Ramona; Rodrigues, Nischal Joe; Ward, Todd A.
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  • » Addressing Behaviors That Lead to Sharing Fake News
    Tsipursky, Gleb; Morford, Zachary
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  • » Meeting Life's Challenges-Strategies and Stories: A View From the Far Side
    Sulzer-Azaroff, Beth
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  • » How Far Do You Have to Go to Get a Cheeseburger Around Here? The Realities of an...
    Lydon, Christina A.; Rohmeier, Kerry D.; Yi, Sophia C.; Mattaini, Mark A.; Williams, W. Larry
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  • » Commentaries on Lead Article
    Glenn, Sigrid S.; Dinsmoor, James A.; Balcazar, Fabricio E.; Geller, E. Scott; Thyer, Bruce A.; Lamal, P. A.; Rakos, Richard F.; Rumph, Robin; Ninness, Chris; Ulman, Jerome D.; Wyatt, W. Joseph
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  • » There’s a Policy for That: A Comparison of the Organizational Culture of Workplaces...
    Hertzog, Jodie L; Wright, David; Beat, Debra
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  • » Developing Coalitions for Effective Action: The Five Horsemen of the Modern World:...
    Cox, David J.
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  • » Piracy in Somalia: Interbehavioral Assessment and Intervention
    Ward, Todd A
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  • » A Behavior-Analytic View of Sexuality, Transsexuality, Homosexuality, and Heterosexuality
    Malott, Richard W.
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  • » Advocating for Activism
    Benson, Molly Lynn
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  • » Mabel B. Wesley Elementary
    Rimes, Wilma
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  • » Some Relations between Culture, Ethics and Technology in B. F. Skinner
    Melo, Camila Muchon de; Castro, Marina Souto Lopes Bezerra; de Rose, Julio César Coelho
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  • » The Metacontingency as a Conceptual Tool
    Todorov, Joao Claudio
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  • » Foreword
    Ellis, Janet
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  • » Behavior Analysis in its Historical and Cultural Context
    Hobbs, Sandy
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  • » Toward Consistent Terminology in a Behaviorist Approach to Cultural Analysis
    Glenn, Sigrid S.; Malott, Maria E.; Andery, Maria Amalia Pia Abib; Benvenuti, Marcelo; Houmanfar, Ramona A.; Sandaker, Ingunn; Todorov, João Claudio; Tourinho, Emmanuel Zagury; Vasconcelos, Laercia Abreu
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  • » Choose Your Words Wisely: Delay Discounting of Differently Titled Social Policy Issues
    Plumm, Karyn M.; Borhart, Hannah; Weatherly, Jeffrey N.
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